Report’s title Date of publication Content
‘Behaviour, attitude, lifestyle of people aged 45-65 02.01.2018 Content

The report contains the following information:

Population of people aged 45-65

  • number of people aged 45-65
  • geographic structure of population and population structure in relation to gender and age
  • projected population of people aged 45-65

Time budget and media consumption by people aged 45-65

  • professional activity
  • ways of spending leisure time
  • media consumption (television, radio, newspapers and magazines, internet)

Values ​​in the lives of people aged 45-65

  • general life satisfaction
  • most important values in life, importance of religion
  • unacceptable behavior

Sport in the lives of people aged 45-65

  • participation in sport and recreational activities
  • most commonly practiced sports
  • attending fitness and sports clubs, gyms
  • main reasons for attending and not attending fitness and sports clubs, gyms, etc.

Culture in the lives of people aged 45-65

  • going to the cinema and live performance, visiting cultural and historical places
  • reading books, using e-books and audiobooks
  • having an artistic hobby

Eating out of home by people aged 45-65

  • frequency of meals at catering outlets
  • preferred type of cuisine at catering outlets

Pension plans of people aged 45-65

  • planning how to spend time in retirement, considered activities in retirement
  • financial security for retirement