Since the end of 2004, BCMM – Marketing Research Ltd. has conducted a periodic research project of the construction market in Poland – BCMM OMNIBUD.

The research has been carried out among architects, managers of builders’ merchants, construction and renovation companies and construction contractors.

BCMM OMNIBUD is a research project which refers to a number of issues addressed to several companies which submit their questions in a common survey questionnaire. Of course, the answers to the questions are the sole property of the company which is the most important. The cost of the research covered by several companies makes its price much lower compared with a standard research for an individual client.

The research is conducted by means of computer assisted telephone interviews (CATI) on a nationwide sample of 400 respondents.

The examples of questions you submit may refer to:

  • knowledge of the company, awareness of brand names, knowledge of new products introduced to the market
  • determining market penetration, the percentage of companies which use or offer the products of your company and the competitive companies
  • perception and evaluation of your products, their availability and prices
  • determination of motives for choosing your company’s products and the products offered by competitive companies
  • defining the level of satisfaction with used or offered products, the product and brand loyalty
  • effectiveness of your promotional activities – which activities have been noticed or changed the behaviour of the respondents
  • preferences and expectations of respondents as regards products and services available on the market