BCMM – marketing research carries out research projects for clients representing almost all industries. However, we have the most experience in the FMCG, optical, sports and industrial sectors – especially in the broadly defined construction industry. We have conducted ‘Omnibud’ periodic research for many years.


Research in the FMCG industry covers a wide range of issues: from product testing in every phase of its life cycle to consumer satisfaction surveys, communication with them, searching for insights, etc. By conducting research in this industry, we have the most experience in testing products, packaging and searching for consumers’ insights. Each research project is designed individually and usually by means of combined research methods (CL tests, qualitative research and eyetracking).


Since 2003 we have been continuously following the optical market by conducting periodic research of the market of eyeglass and contact lenses – the Optykbus project. We also periodically analyse users of eyeglasses and lenses. In addition, we carry out projects for individual clients, among the users of eyeglasses and contact lenses but also among distributors (optical retailers and optical chains), ophthalmologists and optometrists.


We periodically analyse the physical activity of Poles as well as their preferences and purchasing behaviour as regards sports equipment and clothing. We also run a number of projects for individual clients (ad hoc research).


In the construction industry, we carry out both ad hoc research projects (pursuant to orders of individual clients) and periodic syndicated research. A separate website – OMNIBUD.EN is dedicated to the research of the construction industry.